New addition, thanks to a birthday present from @guilpereira! (at The Kadik Cave)

Late birthday dinner after a day on the battlefield! #paintball #birthday (at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse - Burbank)

Fun day at Warped with good people. #paintball (at Warped Paintball Park)

My two favorite Robin Williams performances. Tonight’s playlist. #robinwilliams (at The Kadik Cave)

Birthday celebration with Le Pops. Hibachi dinner, some pool time, and roasting marshmallows on the fire. 😊 (at West Hills, California)

Totally just recognized Field of Fire in this movie on Netflix. Once I saw the submarine I was positive. #fieldoffire #paintball (at The Kadik Cave)

Had to get this out of the way sooner or later. First selfie as a 23 year old. #yeeeeeaaaaahhhh (at The Kadik Cave)

Had to steal this photo from @tylerharmon. Paintball at the beach? Um… YES! #paintball #surfcityopen #beach

Girl time on the set on Saturday. #48hfp14 @la48hfp (at City of Norwalk)

That moment when you realize the screen protector you’ve had on your phone since you got it is actually fogged for anti-glare, and buy a new non fogged one and see your phone’s screen in all it’s HD glory for the first time. Yeah. (at The Kadik Cave)

Every 48 Hour Film Project I do takes a little more of my sanity away… @la48hfp #48hfp14 (at Studio City / Valley Village)

Instagrams from set, the supercut! #48hfp14 @la48hfp Photos by: @instavex @chachiii___ @zacamaquati @rafa_montiel @sarahsinging10 @dariedeee (at Los Angeles CA)

Another @la48hfp in the bag and another great year put on by @leannewestphal! Can’t wait for next year already! (at Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE)

Celebrating the completion of another suicidal weekend of filmmaking carnage! #48hfp14 @la48hfp (at Wirtshaus)

We made it! Another @la48hfp bites the dust a Ryan and I turned in out movie less than 30 minutes before the deadline! (at Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE)