Just realized my Spotify search might have gotten me on the terrorist watch list. (at The Kadik Cave)

Haven’t listened to The Offspring in a long time. Forgot how awesome they were.

The Goofy, The Mickey, and the Gollum from Andrew Kadikian on Vimeo.

This is a project I had to do for a post production sound class I took while in film school. For the project we had to take a scene from a movie, remove the sound, and completely recreate all the scene’s audio. This included foley, dubbing over new voices and laying in new music. I decided, with the help of my friend and go-to sound guy Evan, to recreate the climactic finale from one of my favorite films of all time, The Good The Bad and The Ugly. However, upon realizing that we couldn’t recreate sincere western voices to save our lives, we decided to take a silly twist on it. Hence, you may now enjoy the final scene of The Good The Bad and The Ugly, as performed by Mickey Mouse, Gollum and Goofy the Dog.

The Town Scene 122 from Andrew Kadikian on Vimeo.

This is a class project that my buddy and I made for an editing class while in film school. We chose to recreate one of our favorite scenes from the film The Town, which we both love. The scene featured my buddy who was in the class with me acting opposite of my longtime friend and fantastic actor Connor J Smith. Enjoy!

P.S. The scene as we recreated it is a bit different than the one in the film, we followed the original script more closely and didn’t include the add libbing that the actors in the film contributed. We also cut the fight out and executed lines that were cut from the final scene in the movie.

#tbt Back to the 2013 #48HFP with my awesome cast from Black Ribbon! This years competition is right around the corner, here we go again! #48hfp2013 (at Studio City / Valley Village)

Found this picture on my phone from back when the Kings were in round 2 of the playoffs against the Ducks. (at Big Wangs)

This also happened the other night. #sneakattackselfie #crazyeyes (at Max Karaoke Studio)

Black Ribbon from Andrew Kadikian on Vimeo.

Team Rogue Division’s entry into the 2013 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project competition. The film was written, shot, edited and fully completed within 48 hours during the weekend of August 2nd 2013. As part of the competition every team in each screening group is assigned a different genre, and all the teams in the city are provided with elements (a prop, a line and a character) which they have to incorporate into their films.

Our Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Prop: A Wrapped Present
Line: “I don’t care, you decide.”
Character: Ed or Elly Marlina, Journalist

Directed, Shot and Edited by Andrew Kadikian
Written and Produced by Ryan Stockstad
Original Score by Nestor Estrada
Darielle Deigan
Jason Flowers
Aza Allen
Miranda Downey
Chad Newhall
and Aaron Lee Harvey

Shot on the Canon EOS 6D using Zeiss Compact Prime Lenses

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Pew pew pew. #paintball #smartparts #ion #halo #empirepaintball #walkonsfilm (at Paintball Wars)

#tbt “Like, I cant believe she wore her hair like that!” On the set of #walkonsfilm with @kayzaaay and one of us is quite beautiful. (at Warped Paintball Park)

Ryan’s reaction while watching #Birdemic. His jaw dropped lower than this, but this was what I caught. (at Studio City / Valley Village)

I got Ryan these for his birthday. I apologized profusely. #birdemic #birdemic2 #theroom (at Studio City / Valley Village)

Fancy shrimp cocktail. @guilpereira (at Mucho Mas INC.)